Kundalini: Heart Centered Self Realization

Ascending to the 4th Density

June 11th | Virtual Retreat | 11am CST

Are you ready to truly ascend to the 4th density level of Unity consciousness?

Discover how this ascension happens by joining us in this new dimension of love and oneness and sign up for the Kundalini: Heart Centered Self Realization, Ascending to the 4th Density. 


Discover the neurobiological science of Kundalini Awakening and the importance of what it represents metaphysically for the evolution of  YOUR consciousness.

Learn the tools and protocols to facilitate your OWN safe and gradual Kundalini Awakening and Heart Chakra activation.

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Are you seeking a powerful catalyst to transform your spiritual journey and propel you to new heights?

Do you feel like you’re settling for less than your full potential in your spiritual growth?

Are you ready to break through barriers and experience profound shifts in your state of Being?

Do you want to connect with your True Nature and align with your highest self?

What you will get:

Kundalini: Heart Centered Self Realization

Ascending to the 4th Density

June 11th | Virtual Retreat | 11am CST

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I finally GET it. For the first time in a year, I feel JOY and PEACE. I have been struggling with forgiveness for a year. Feeling certain I had forgiven in my heart, but my head kept telling me it was unforgivable. It has been a painful battle. I was trying with all my might to get my ego to forgive with shadow work, trying to love and transmute the pain into forgiveness. In the second Q&A, you said, "It is impossible for the ego to forgive." I now understand it IS impossible! Only my true self can forgive. I am not my ego or its thoughts, I AM the one creator, oneness with everything, pure love, pure compassion, and forgiveness. There is actually nothing to forgive, it is an illusion. We are all one, and LOVE is all there is. Thank you, Aaron, so much.

- Kim McGregor
Well, I don't know what else to say but thank you. To Aaron Abke, this community, and to creation. Resist I did, to the powerful teaching of I Am. Until, like many do, I got a glimpse of the peace and tranquility that lies behind those words. Needless to say, I wanted more. So there started my routine practice of I AM. And with that came the permanent residence of my awareness into that place. Freedom. 
If you, for whatever reason, have any doubt in this practice that Aaron shares, any excuse for why it isn't the answer you're looking for, then, please. Think again. Try it. Then tell us that it doesn't work.

I find that I have gained more peace in life in general, and I don't stress about things anymore. I see easier unity in everything now and feel more happy. Thank you!

- Aria Halteigen
Thank you again for creating this space. My spiritual journey has taken off since joining your course. My husband and I were just talking about it over coffee this morning and saying that the material truly is priceless.

- Christine Gaines


Heart Centered Self Realization

Enlightenment is a condition that manifests naturally once your nervous system is properly prepared for it. Enlightenment is a neurobiological transformation of your entire nervous system from a 3rd density level to a 4th density level.

In this virtual retreat of self-initiated Kundalini Awakening you will discover the “4th Density Ascension Protocol” we call 4DAP. The classically known “Kundalini” is really our 4th Density energy, lying dormant within the nervous system and awaiting activation.

4DAP is an easy to use system of spiritual ascension tools. Comprising of advanced yoga practices and integrated techniques designed to facilitate this inner transformation by safely and gradually raising the Kundalini Life Force up through your 7 energy centers (or Chakras). This system walks you through the activation process using powerful ancient yogic practices, breathwork, meditation, and non-sitting practices.

ABOUT YOUR Kundalini: Heart Centered Self Realization

An hour online virtual retreat to help you return to Unity Consciousness and unlock your Highest Spiritual Potential using ancient practices.

What you will do?

What you will learn?

Discover how to use powerful ancient techniques to become a 4th Density Being and evolve toward your Higher Self.

Prepare to unlock your Highest Spiritual Potential and Live from your Heart!

Course Overview

I’ll show you how to directly work with and awaken your own Kundalini energy at your own pace. I will be teaching you the science, metaphysics and practical application of Kundalini Awakening so that you can use it as a spring board to awaken your Heart and shift permanently from separation to Unity consciousness.


I was raised as an evangelical pastor’s kid. All I wanted, was to follow in my father’s footsteps, take over the ministry and become a pastor myself. At 22, I became one. I studied music and theology. I started my job as a pastor and married a devout Christian. I was devoted to knowing God and truth. My faith in Christ meant everything to me.

The Church I found myself working at was extremely fundamentailst. I really did not resonate with the dogmatic beliefs around everyone going to hell and rapture descending at any moment. I began having a huge identity crisis. Eventually I made the heartbreaking decision to quit my life as a pastor, and leave my religion. I lost everything, my friendships, my community, my wife and worst of all, my family.

I had a different calling, my spiritual ascension pathway was not through Christianity. I felt that deeply, and began my quest for my true spirituality. I dove deep into Eastern traditions, primarily Hinduism and Buddhism. 

After having lost everything, I filled the hole in my life with fitness. As a very embodied person I was very attracted to fitness and pursued it very seriously, maybe even obsessively as seems to happen to people. I started working as a personal trainer at Google’s headquarters. I was a signed fitness model in San Francisco and competed at the national level and won first place in all my bodybuilding competitions. Despite appearing to ‘have it all’ from a worldly perspective I was so depressed and unfulfilled. 

Then one day as I was in my daily spiritual practise something incredible happened to me. I experienced ego death for the first time in my life, for exactly two weeks. I felt nothing but sublime bliss and was in a kind of Buddha state. Then two weeks later the first egoic thought came into my head and I thought “I wonder if I am enlightened now”. And just like that my ego had returned with a vengeance and I was thrown into my own “dark night of the soul”. It was at that moment that I vowed to myself that if I could “reverse-engineer” myself back into that state of consciousness again, I would devote my life to teaching it to the world.

I quit my modeling career, I quit bodybuilding, and devoted my whole life to spiritual seeking and practice.

After a decade of devoted spiritual seeking, I had my Kundalini Awakening. I began experiencing strange physical and psychological symptoms that I could not explain. Burning sensations all throughout my nervous system. Incredibly vivid dreams that would often predict my future. Intense heart chakra openings, that made me feel so happy and feel so much love for everyone and everything. These symptoms increased, until one night I awoke to what I can only describe as a dragon breathing fire up my spine. It pierced through all of my chakras and out the crown of my head. The experience cannot be adequately explained in words, but suffice to say, my life was radically altered forever, once again.

Then began my obsession with understanding this neurobiological process, what causes it, and how to facilitate it. 

I am here to show you that the world of enlightenment is absolutely available to anyone who wants it. That freedom from suffering is not some lofty and unattainable goal only available to monks, but is, in fact, your destiny. My mission in this life is to assist humanity in our spiritual evolution to the next level of consciousness – The 4th Density.


I wasn’t even planning for this to be a gold mine but after I took the course, my income tripled. I took the course then 4 months later, my income tripled and it was completely because of the things that I let go within the course. I was less nervous on sales calls and before I knew it, my income has increased 3x.

-Jimmy Le

The masterclass has helped me to be more centered, be at peace with myself, to know clearly what I want. And by that, I no longer fight what I don’t want and not fighting for what I don’t want has given me room to say “What do I want?”. The course has offerered me a checklist, step-by-step process that allowed me to see what I was emotionally struggling with and has given me real practices and steps to articulate what I was feeling inside.

-Damien Wilpitz

I like many others consider ourselves fortunate that we’re all graced by this amazing individual who has scaled the breath and depth of spiritual teachings. He has an uncanny ability to weave through several intense and deep spiritual texts like Law of One and ACIM and condense them into meaningful but simple concepts had made a deep impact on my personal journey.

-Nimesh Vakharia

Kundalini: Heart Centered Self Realization

Ascending to the 4th Density

June 11th | Virtual Retreat | 11am CST

Choose your contribution
$1 – $97

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Not to worry! You will be sent the full event recording, which you can watch at your convenience.

No one can say for sure what you will feel. However, if you come inspired, present, and surrendered, you will likely feel a profound shift in your energy.

Absolutely! The more, the merrier.

You will be taught what Aaron calls “the gradual approach” to awakening Kundalini. Where most Kundalini facilitators work to stimulate Kundalini into sudden awakening, you will learn the inner approach to facilitating Kundalini safely and gradually. Awakening Kundalini suddenly or forcefully through energy work is what can cause many dangerous reactions and side effects. You will awaken your Kundalini slowly and gently through a twice-daily routine of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. This virtual retreat is a self-paced approach to awakening this energy at a pace where you can manage it safely.

No, all you need is a strong interest in spirituality and Kundalini Awakening. This retreat is designed for spiritual aspirants of all levels. You will be guided through a thorough explanation of what Kundalini Awakening is.